The Enchanted World of Miyazaki Tribute Show 2016

AUGUST 6 & 7 th @ Mid City Arthouse : Los Angeles
This is a tribute show To Hayao Miyazaki turns 75 & has directed some of my most favorite inspiring anime creatures and stories. A few of my favorites include My Neighbor Totoro in 1989 , Princess Mononoke 1997, Spirited Away in 2003, Howl's Moving Castle2006. This has been a super fun project for me as i just love his characters.I put my spin on them and had them meet some of the creatures from my world.I am also so inspired that a portion of the proceeds goes to a 501c3 non profit called welcome home sanctuary . We need organizations to take care of and fight for the creatures of this planet. There are 22 artists that think so too so come and support the event and cause and enjoy some art. I have 6 originals for sale and Limited Archival Gicleé prints will be avail at the event. I will be there both days @ the event, please come say "Hello" ♥♥♥

Mid City Open House

This SATURDAY April 11th - Not down with Coachella...

Come and see me at the Mid-City Open house this Saturday.  I will have prints for sale both unframed & framed to inspire you and have you take a mental break with your imagination.    5555 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90016


"OH!", a Seussian Tribute @ POP Gallery ~ MARCH 2015

Opening Reception March 6th @ 5PM

Dr Theodor Seuss Geisel (1904-1991) Tribute Show & benefit for literacy programs in New Mexico 

Show runs March 6 - April 30, 2015

Excited about creating for one of my most favorite story tellers of all time for one of my favorite galleries... harmonious indeed. This show also Features Bob Doucette, Kristen Margiotta & Bunny Tobias among others.  I'm going to let go of the ordinary to create something extraordinary.


Opening Reception Saturday Feb 7th

1200 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43201

I received a postcard & i paint the front of the Valentine...VERY COOL concept for a show from Laura @ Rivet Gallery In Ohio. Currently working on my concept. If your looking for something special these are original works of over 43 talented artist.  Im very excited about creating for this one. Keep your eyes peeled.


BeCore Hosted Art Show

Downtown La ....ah the fires, the hipness! I usually stay away...however very good friends of mine @ BeCore, an experiencial marketing company, asked me to be part of collaborative show they are doing for Xmas and i said heck ..why NOT! The space itself is amazing and its a show that is connected to a new fox show coming out about relationships called man seeking woman.

All of my pieces are about relationships...relationships with the environment, our food, each other. Im proud to be a contribution and i hope you can all make it.

I am debuting a new piece from my new series as well called Power Animals - Owl.


Mona Lisa Book

A while back i used to paint in color.  During that time i replicated my version of the Mona Lisa creating it as on of the toys i played with as a kid which was a hand me down fashion face Barbie.  When i got it from a neighbor kid it was already stained with lipstick.  I remember i tried a bunch of cleaning products on it to clean it up and nothing work.  I actually ruined the vinyl and made it super shiny on her cheek where i scrubbed really hard.

Years later as an adult had taken a trip at the time to visit the Louvré and like everyone says... the Mona Lisa is just not what i thought it would be.  It was small in some crazy encasement and had crowds of people around it.  It was much like my experience as a child when i got that handme down disappointment of an iconic toy.

This was how i saw the Mona Lisa..a powerful woman on paper and not much in person & somehow i was very grateful to have met her.