Mona Lisa Book

A while back i used to paint in color.  During that time i replicated my version of the Mona Lisa creating it as on of the toys i played with as a kid which was a hand me down fashion face Barbie.  When i got it from a neighbor kid it was already stained with lipstick.  I remember i tried a bunch of cleaning products on it to clean it up and nothing work.  I actually ruined the vinyl and made it super shiny on her cheek where i scrubbed really hard.

Years later as an adult had taken a trip at the time to visit the Louvré and like everyone says... the Mona Lisa is just not what i thought it would be.  It was small in some crazy encasement and had crowds of people around it.  It was much like my experience as a child when i got that handme down disappointment of an iconic toy.

This was how i saw the Mona Lisa..a powerful woman on paper and not much in person & somehow i was very grateful to have met her.